We appreciate you joining us from the Andersen Alumni Newsletter! Solutions II is continuing the discussion of how “Complexity is the Enemy of Good in Cybersecurity” from the previous two newsletters. In this issue, we address seven key items for consideration to drive more engagement from the rest of your organization in improving security posture and reducing risk while retaining sanity and avoiding total burnout:

  1. You are NOT Alone
  2. Reaching Across Enterprise Towers
  3. Address the Basics
  4. Manage the Human Element
  5. Do MORE than Check the Box
  6. Tackling the influx of Data
  7. Collaborate to Elevate

Download "7 Steps to a More Security Infrastructure"

IBM recently published the previous seven steps and the benefits of incorporating them into your IT infrastructure and enterprise architecture as part of your overall IT strategy. Click here to download the full report.

Solutions II also helps you avoid complications through a framework for change called the Adaptable Data Center® (“ADC”) that simplifies the complexity while decreasing technical debt with IT investments. The ADC framework takes security into consideration and all of your priorities and creates an actionable roadmap to take you from your current state to your future state. This can be a game-changer not only in your security approach to 2021 but in all of your IT priorities.