Complexity” is the enemy of “good” in cybersecurity. As organizations react to events in the news, they tend to make investments in yet more security tools and technology to solve specific perceived or real threats. However, many times due to vendor and procurement pressures, the wow factor of the technology, and other drivers, essential questions are left unanswered. Is this technology reducing risk? Is it improving the effectiveness of my security operations and incident response? Is it increasing or decreasing complexity in my organization? How does it fit within my existing security controls and technology stack? Does implementing and managing yet another point solution create a bigger problem than the threat I’m addressing? 

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As detailed further in the paper, security leaders should be focused on the following when considering technology investments.

  • Prioritize Simplification
  • Maximize existing investments through reinvention/reinvestment in existing tools and technologies
  • Consider consolidation to a platform when and wherever possible

Solutions II has a framework for change called the Adaptable Data Center® (“ADC”) that simplifies the complexity while decreasing technical debt with IT investments. The ADC framework takes security into consideration and all of your priorities and creates an actionable roadmap to take you from your current state to your future state. This can be a game-changer not only in your security approach to 2021 but in all of your IT priorities.